Why are Some People against the use of Mobile Phone Spying Software? Are their Reasons Justified?

The whole world, especially the suspecting bosses and parents are going all gung ho about the new age mobile phone spying software. To tell you the truth, not everyone is loving them! People who are being spied upon with such software feel offended as their privacy is being breached. Nevertheless, the technology is being highly praised by the parents throughout the world, as it helps them in effective tracking of their kids’ activities. Kids, on the other hand, are feeling the pressure of getting monitored 24/7. As if a sword is hanging on their heads all the time!

People against the use of such cellphone tracking software didn’t waste much time and came up with a brand-new conspiracy theory. They reasoned that it is the government which is behind the creation of such applications so that it can further enslave the general populace. What I fail to understand is that if the government really wanted to spy on you, they could have done it with far more ease than waiting for someone to install a software on your phone. They could have hired the best hackers on the planet to infiltrate your mobile phones and tracked your every move. But the bigger question is, are they really interested in doing it?!

Many business organizations are believed to be taking advantage of such mobile phone tracking software. Some people are of the opinion that several mobile phones come preloaded with such tracking applications to help big business enterprises create a hidden database. These databases keep track of all your daily activities, where you go, where you walk, where you shop, where you eat, where you stay etc.

All this information in turn helps them in making strategic business decisions to sell their products better. Considering the fact that people tend to believe all sorts of weird theories, there’s not much you can expect.

One thing you must keep in mind is that such rumors only affect a small majority of population. Unless you have some really serious problems with the mobile phone tracking system, there are no reasons to start believing such phoney conspiracy theories. You’d be better off doing more productive things in life!

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