Whatever, probably just old; I got them in a small town

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Mouse in the food story. once I bought a bag of sunflower seeds for the 7 hour drive home I was doing that day. I start munching away and I notice they are a little stale. Whatever, probably just old; I got them in a small town grocery store so they probably dont go through inventory that fast.

uk canada goose outlet I keep my eyes on the road and I eating these for probably 2 hours. I go to grab another handful of seeds and grab a bunch of torn up tissue. WTF!? I look at the bag and find a little mouse sized hole in the side. A mouse made my bag of seeds its home at one point. Probably pissed and shit in there many times. I spit out my mouthful, rinsed out my mouth, and cried the rest of the drive. uk canada goose outlet

This article discusses the culture at Boeing leading up to the recent, 737 Max crashes, which is portrayed as an organization that focused more on profits and moving as quickly as possible than as an organization that put safety first. This was heavily influenced by the competitive pressure that Airbus gave. Vital steps were skipped and there were canada goose alternative uk various corners cut in ways that could have affected safety. The entire decision to use the 737 Max itself was based on time pressure, as opposed to designing a new airframe.

Canada Goose Parka canada goose outlet The company is continuing to aggressively manufacture the 737 Max, although this whole incident has led to a blow to the company reputation, emotional wounds for the people who worked on this project, and the potential loss of orders. 3 points submitted 1 month ago Canada Goose Parka

canada goose factory sale The shuffle will likely ruffle a few feathers. There only about 6 months before our next Federal election, so the canada goose on sale for black friday new minister of Agriculture has about 3 months before the campaign starts to introduce herself to farmers and the industry. I be interested to talk to insiders that I know that work at the Ministry, but at least initially this seems like Trudeau and his government are doing this for cheap canada goose bomber feminist points rather then the MP having any experience in the agriculture sector, but hopefully I wrong. canada goose factory sale

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buy canada goose https://www.doloresnet.com jacket It at least sends a signal hes trying to court Quebec dairy farmers in the coming election, whether or not its successful after NAFTA rengotiations and this upcoming election remains to be seen. I dont think other commodities feel they’re represented or dairy farmers in other provinces, but our occupation does tend to vote Conservative. buy canada goose jacket

As a grain farmer I’ve never really felt like we’re on their radar except for pesticides. MacAulay was sidelined and basically muted as he was an old Liberal from the Chretien days and not a new Trudeau Liberal or in that circle. Him being left behind on the India canada goose coats trip while they courted Mahindra is a good example, although Im sure hes happy he wasnt invited now. Its incredibly odd hes now in charge of Veterans affairs, Im sure my canada goose uk delivery contacts at Ag Canada will have interesting takes on it.

As long as they dont sneak in some half assed regulation in before the fall election Ill be happy.

Canada Goose Jackets They training out of Four Seasons Curling in Blaine, Minnesota, just outside of Minneapolis. However, they also spending time closer to their homes in Tennessee, according to the Duluth News Tribune. Canada Goose Jackets

Allen, Bulger, Bulluck and Roos now train twice a week in Nashville and Benton comes in once a week. They also train once or twice a month at the Four Seasons Curling Club in Blaine, Minn.

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Hadn thought canada goose uk price of that. Thanks! This subject really fascinates me, and the team behind this project seems to be an honest attempt to be an asset to the farming community, so I trying canada goose vest outlet to spread this far and wide.

Seems to be a more positive message than other documentaries/podcasts/etc that look into modern agriculture. Others seem to try and cast doom and gloom, while this (from what I seen in their literature and from hearing members talk about it) seems to try and be very respectful to the farming community and to raise awareness and appreciation from the general population cheap canada goose new york of what happens on the canada goose outlet locations in toronto farm.

I listened to a podcast with Dr. Bush. He is very anti glyphosate. He is one of very few scientists blaming the rise in cancer and other illnesses to glyphosate. Something to do with gut health and killing bacteria.

Canada Goose online I do not think he has much good science behind his claims. He was concerned with the trace amount of glyphosate in the rain, which will compromise organic agriculture. I just cant follow that logic. Canada Goose online

Anti glyphosate = anti no till ag. Glyphosate is the wrong villain and I do not trust this man opinion. Would be curious to see who is funding this series.

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Canada Goose sale I appreciate your 2 cents, thanks for sharing! I haven really been following Dr. Bush for very long, he kind of just popped up on my radar in the last couple of months on the podcast that I follow (Rich Roll Podcast). Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance I also have a very limited view point, which I very aware of. My family loves to upkeep a garden in our yard to supplement our groceries, we get everything through a local college greenhouse where the ag students grow them organically and also enjoy talking to them about what they been doing on their farm. We live in a rural area with lots of ag. canada goose clearance

I say that to say that we have a general interest, but have very limited knowledge (and zero experience) about anything larger than a 16 backyard garden, haha. So, naturally I was interested in hearing what he had to say, but wanted to come to this sub first to gather some feedback from people who most likely know way more than me about what he is saying.

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