Smart Phones Keep the Logs of Locations

Smart Phones Keep the Logs of LocationsWe all know that our smart phones are keeping the logs of the places we visit, i.e. they are location aware. Technology also advanced in many areas such as locations and you do not need to use any application to keep these logs, your phone keeps them for you if they have an internet connection although you do not use it in an active manner. So, you may wonder why we are telling this secret (actually known but not aware of) feature to you.

Your kids may be in trouble or having bad habit tendencies during their adolescence which is quite typical for their age and as the technology develops and also mankind started to lose their conscience as the years past; it is more likely that your children will be in a bad situation which you may not desire for their future. The two main smart phone manufacturer the Apple and Samsung (also most of the companies that uses Android) keeping these locations logs in their databases for any emergency situation which they may reveal it in any investigation conducted by law forces and so on.

Why you should follow the complex procedures when you think that you kid is in trouble? Another option is to use some mobile spy software which you will install it to your kid’s smart phone that will allow you to check his or her location via your own personal smart phone. They are all legal and also have more features which you can utilize for the safety of your children.

4 Applications to be Spy On

  1. Facebook Tracking4 Applications to be Spy On

Facebook monitoring reveals all of the pictures, status messages, buddy list, personal messages as well as other updates made by your kids on their personal FB account. All of the Facebook activities can be checked with time, date, Navigation location and many additional features. Even if your kids delete any content, it is going to be made available through the panel provided by mobile spy software. You may view the FB updates of your kids anytime and at any far away location.

  1. Skype Monitoring

Skype is a great way to communicate without any fees applicable to the user. Skype chats and also phone calls can be documented by mobile spy software and you can obtain access to all the call records, PM as well as other details with time and also date. It is feasible that you can check the calling activities of your kids along with their new connections on Skype.

  1. WhatsApp Tracking

Kids are available on WhatsApp in many cases and share their conversations, photos, videos and other stuff through this free platform. Right now, you can monitor their WhatsApp actions and see if these are sharing some indifferent material with their friends. You can additionally view their conversations and even though they delete it, there will be absolutely nothing erased from your control board enlisting all the details of your kids.

  1. SMS Tracking

Monitor SMS of your children by using mobile spy software on their mobile. One package offers you all the details, including their mobile phone messages. You can basically view that your children are connected with whom and talk to their acquaintances about what all subjects.