Social Networking Websites – How they Affect Your Kids?

Should parents spy on their children's emails and textsTeenagers are prone to sometimes unknowingly befriending people who are actually online predators. They are also exposed to objectionable content, which they even share with others. All this is a part of negative impact that social media has on kids’ lives. There is nothing denying the fact that social media has completely changed the way adults, teenagers and young kids socialize and connect to each other. However, we can’t completely ignore its possible dangerous impact on children’s lives. Young kids and teenagers get exposed to many dangers like anxiety, privacy issues, narcissism, sexual predators, depression, security issues, trolls, cyber bullying and more.

US authorities keep uncovering online child pornography networks every now and then, having members all over the world. Recently, one such network with 27,000 members world over and more than 2000 explicit videos and pictures of young kids and teens, was uncovered. Not too long ago, an Internet-based child pornography ring was caught in Australia which used to dupe 14 to 17 yearold young teenagers by serving them pre-recorded interactions in a manner that they would perceive them to be actual young females. Teenagers all over the globe are increasingly becoming the victims of child pornography and sexual exploitation via the social networking websites.

Going by the past incidences, it is evident that parents are usually oblivious of their children’s mobile phone and online activities. As many as 67% American teenagers own a mobile phone, which means that they have the ability to go online, check email, use IM messengers and download applications without their parents’ consent. It is high time that parents understand the threats and dangers associated with uncontrolled online access. They should educate and counsel their kids about Internet safety.

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