Features of Mobile Spying Applications

Features of Mobile Spying ApplicationsAlthough the features of mobile spying applications vary from company to company, there are common features which are available in most of the applications. We are going to share some of these features with you in this article.

Features of Mobile Spying Applications

SMS Tracker: This feature tracks, notifies and enables control in any received and delivered message performed on the target phone.

Call Recording: You can listen to the phone calls of the target phone and keep the audio recordings whenever you want.

Locating GPRS Location: You can easily track the target phone from the map in real time whenever you want.

Sending SMS: You can send messages from the target phone to any phone you are willing to and you will not leave any trace that is performed by you or someone.

Audio Surveillance: It is possible to listen to the all conversations next to the target phone with this feature.

Internet Access: You can check the target phone’s internet history and have access to the passwords of all social network websites which he or she posts something.

SIM Card Change: In case of an unknown SIM Card, this change will be notified to your phone instantly.

Warning Wizard: You can determine some prohibited areas or some words you are willing to and these applications will notify you whenever the target goes that locations or use that words.

These are the most common features of mobile spying applications, if you are willing to have more information please check our reviews for best applications available in the industry from our main page.