The Less Common Attributes of iOS 8

The Less Common Attributes of iOS 8Apple Company has long since been referred to as the company that gave smart phones the reputation they have today. With the improvements brought forth with the iPhone, Apple Company made itself the pioneer of smart phone technology. With the arrival of Android however, things started to waver for Apple. Google’s os provided its users with additional option to customize their devices to their demands, with access to almost every set up a smart phone could have. Apple Company has been trying to develop on certain things since after that, and with each update it creates something more for the users. The brand new release by Apple is iOS 8, with a variety of new features like much better photo editing and a keyboard set with predictive text input.

But you can find some other features that may get shadowed behind these noticeable improvements, and some of those features might just provide rest to the notion that Apple settings its operating system very much. The iPhone has always been recognized to have better than regular photographic capabilities but some individuals have always wanted to have a qualification of manual control over how their pictures turn out. iOS 8 offers them with the ability to set the publicity of their camera manually, to brighten or even darken the photo as they please. Android shows the percentage of battery pack that is consumed by certain applications, something that Apple users constantly envied. With the latest update, they are able to finally see which of their apps are using the most battery, based on the information collected over a day or even a week. This will help them restrict or remove certain apps which they find harmful for their battery.