Spyera Review

What is Spyera?

spyera 250x250Spyera is a new-age cell phone spying software which ensures that you feel better about your employees and children whenever you’re not around them. The product has excellent control features so that you can figure out exactly what all is going on in your child or employee’s phone.

It is not exactly the best mobile phone spying software for you if you’re particularly looking for something that can help you keep your child or employee away from certain content. Simply put, it doesn’t have any website filtering tools. However, when it comes to active monitoring of the goings-on on the target device, this software fares exceedingly well. The email responses from its customer service department are courteous and fast, but there is no live chat facility or phone number available to obtain instant help.

How Spyera works?

Like most software meant for similar purposes, Spyera application needs to be installed on the target device, which can be an iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Symbian or an Android device. Once installed successfully on the target mobile phone or device, all its activities get uploaded to a secure web account. This uploading happens in a completely hidden manner and can be done either via network data or Wi-Fi, whatever is available. The uploading time intervals can be set beforehand, and may range from 1 hour to once in every 24 hours, via the Web Control Panel.

Spyera features

Despite not having the ability to filter web content, Spyera stands out as an excellent mobile phone spying software owing to its efficient monitoring features. These features are:

Live listening – Using this Spyera feature, you can listen to all the live calls on the target phone in real-time. Whenever the target phone receives or makes a call from/to a particular phone number (or any number), you’ll receive an SMS alert. You can then make a call to the target device and get instantly hooked on to the ongoing call. This is a very unique feature that is available only in Spyera.

Ambient listening – This feature of Spyera helps in listening to the happenings around the target device. You need to make a hidden call to the target device and you’ll be instantly able to hear the conversations happening around the target phone. Again, this feature is unique to Spyera and is not available in most other spying software in the marketplace.

Copying multimedia files – Spyera helps in uploading all the photo, video and audio files from the target device to the Spyera web account.

Live call recording – This particular feature of Spyera helps in recording phone conversations in real-time and saving them as a hidden sound file on the target device. You can preset certain phone numbers which if spoken to will automatically trigger this feature.

Ambient recording – You can use this Spyera feature to remotely instruct the target device to record its surroundings and upload the sound file to the web account.

Location tracking – Spyera can help you to locate the exact position of the target device using the GPS system and show its exact location on the map.

Capturing of IM messages – Using this Spyera feature you can spy on all iMessage, WeChat, Viber, BBM, Skype, Line, Pin, WhatsApp and Facebook activities happening on the target device.

Tracking of SMS messages – You can read the content of every outgoing and incoming SMS on the target device using this feature.

Tracking of emails – Spyera has the ability to capture every email sent or received by the target device and can upload it to your web account. This way, you’ll be able to access any email even if it is deleted from the target user’s email account.

Viewing address book – You can get the target device’s complete address book, including the related emails, phone numbers, names etc. copied and uploaded to your web account.

Viewing call history – You can view the entire call history of the target device and obtain every respective contact number, name, call duration and call time.

Web history and SIM notification – The software enables you to track every browsing activity happening on the target device and sends you an instant notification whenever the target user changes the SIM card.

Device change facility – Creators of Spyera software are flexible enough to provide you with the ability to move the application from one device to another supported target device.

Ease of use and platform changing ability – Spyera is quite easy to install and use. You can be all set to monitor the target device in less than five minutes time. Furthermore, the software can be moved between different platforms.

Remote update and uninstallation – All updates to the Spyera application happen remotely from the server, without the target user getting to know about them. You can also uninstall the software remotely through your web account.

Spoof SMS and application activity – The software gives you the ability to send invisible SMSes through the target device to any number you want. You can also detect any uninstallation and installation activity related to the apps on the target device.

Checking battery levels – Using Spyera, you can even check the current battery level of the target device.

How much does Spyera cost?

There are three different Spyera versions available for purchase. You can buy Spyera smart phone for spying on Symbian, BlackBerry, Android and iPhones. Spyera PC can be purchased for spying on Windows-based PCs. Spyera tablet is useful for spying on Android tablets and iPads. In case you wish to have an all in one plan, that option is available as well. The pricing structure is as follows:

All in one plan:

1 year license – $489

2 year license – $689

Spyera Smart Phone:

3 months license – $189

6 months license – $289

12 months license – $389

Spyera Tablet:

3 months license – $149

6 months license – $189

12 months license – $249

Spyera PC:

3 months license – $49

6 months license – $59

12 months license – $69

Where to buy Spyera from?

To make sure that the application works properly throughout its license period, you must buy Spyera only from its official website. This way, you can benefit from its customer support as well as avail the best possible price.

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