SpyBubble Review

What is SpyBubble?

spybubbleSpyBubble is a software which helps in real-time tracking of a target cell phone and recording all its information. Once recorded, you can view this information from a remote location anytime you like, just by logging into your SpyBubble account. SpyBubble’s USP is its excellent price and commendable features. There are other similar products available in the marketplace at a price much higher than SpyBubble, with exactly the same features.

How SpyBubble works?

First and foremost, you must check whether the target phone is supported by the SpyBubble software. SpyBubble supports all:

– Android devices with android 1.0 or higher

– iPhone OS 2.x, 3.x, 4.x and 5.x

– Windows mobile 5.x and 6.x

– Symbian S60 3rd edition, 3rd edition with feature pack 1, 2 and S60 5th edition

– All models of iPad

– BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 or higher

SpyBubble software needs to be installed on the target phone for it to work. Hence, when you buy SpyBubble, you’ll need to head to its dashboard and enter the target phone’s identification details into the configuration section. You’ll have to obtain the target cell phone’s identification number, normally written inside its battery compartment. Thereafter, you’ll have to provide the target phone’s number, followed by installation of the program / application on to the target phone. The program or application will have to be directly downloaded on to the target phone via its Internet browser and once installed the application will never be visible in any way to the target user.

SpyBubble Features

Call logs – This SpyBubble feature will help you to keep a tab on all calls made or received by the target phone. You’ll get to know each and every number spoken to, its call duration, call timing and related details such as the person’s name.

Text message spying – The software will help you spy on text messages sent or received by the target phone. You can read all the messages without the target user ever getting to know.

Redirection of text messages – This SpyBubble feature helps in active monitoring of the target phone even if it doesn’t have an active Internet connection. With the redirection feature, you can get all the text messages redirected to you for reading.

Tracking via GPS location – Through this feature you can get to know the exact physical location of the target cell phone, and hence the location of its user. You can also learn about the places that the target cell phone has been taken to at a particular time and day.

GPS location in real-time – This feature helps in knowing the exact physical location of the target cell phone in real-time. You’ll be able to tell if your employee is being truthful about the traffic snarls or if your kids are being honest about their current physical location or not.

Viewing travel route – This SpyBubble feature helps in determining the exact travel route taken by the target cell phone and hence the user.

Reading emails – All outgoing and incoming emails on the target cell phone can be read via this feature.

Spying on instant messengers – SpyBubble supports active spying on all popular instant messengers including BBM, iMessage and WhatsApp.

Viewing multimedia files – The software will enable you to view all multimedia files stored on the target cell phone including the pictures and audio / video files.

Monitoring Internet activities – You can check all the websites visited by the target cell phone user and figure out if he / she is watching any inappropriate content on Internet.

Viewing calendar activities and contact details – SpyBubble will help you in copying each and every contact in the target cell phone’s address book and will also keep a tab on all calendar activities including, appointment schedules, task logs, reminders etc.

Remotely controlling the phone – Any features that you don’t want to be recorded or reported via SpyBubble application on the target cell phone, can be disabled remotely through easy commands.

Why should you go with SpyBubble?

– It is considered to be arguably the best and most advanced mobile phone spying software in the marketplace today. It has far more monitoring features in comparison to any other similar software.

– SpyBubble is quite easy to install and use.

– It makes it possible for you to spy on any cell phone from a remote computer located anywhere in the world.

– You get the ability to listen and record every call on the target cell phone round-the-clock.

– As the software is completely undetectable, you’ll never have to worry about your identity getting revealed.

– It is compatible with all popular smart phones and operating systems.

– SpyBubble is quite affordable if you look at the pricing structure of other similar software.

– SpyBubble has a very large customer base. They keep upgrading their features and provide customers with regular, free of cost updates.

How much does SpyBubble cost?

Currently, as we’re writing this article, you can buy SpyBubble’s standard version with a three months license at a nominal price of $49.95. You can pay using all popular payment methods such as American Express, MasterCard and Visa credit cards. Payment via wire transfer is also possible.

What is the best way to buy SpyBubble?

Please note that at present you can buy SpyBubble only from its official website. It is not available at any other online or off-line store. The product is delivered electronically in the form of a file and hence you don’t have to worry about any shipping charges. Buying it from the official website will also ensure that you’ll get an authentic version and at the best possible price.

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