Reporters who covered Toronto city hall during the 2000s recall

canada goose He routinely decried the spending at city hall and trumpeted his own thrift where some councillors logged $50,000 in yearly office expenses, Ford spent just $2.will freeze over before I will spend taxpayers’ money out of my office budget to support myself and my own enhancement in society, he said.It helped that the Ford family business, DECO Labels Tags, enjoyed annual sales in the neighbourhood of $100 million, according to the Toronto Star. Yet despite his personal wealth, Ford set himself up as a champion of Joe and Jane Average, lobbying on conservative principles of low taxes and smaller, less intrusive government.He often did so in a belligerent way.Reporters who covered Toronto city hall during the 2000s recall a number of occasions when Ford personally insulted fellow councillors. He called one colleague slithering snake; another, waste of skin. canada goose

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