PhoneSheriff Review

What is PhoneSheriff?

PhoneSheriffPhoneSheriff is a next-generation mobile phone spying or parental control software that can help you monitor activities on both tablets and mobile phones of your employees or children. If you wish to monitor, blog and filter how your employee or your child uses his/her mobile device, PhoneSheriff can help you do just that. It’s a tiny program or app that needs to be installed on a compatible target device to begin recording its activities.

Once the application is installed successfully on the target device, you can easily set up specific restrictions with regard to websites it visits, time periods it is used and phone numbers it interacts with. The software will also help you in recording user activities including the GPS locations, call information and SMS text messages. You’ll also be able to view device logs through a secure online control panel.

All recorded activities and real-time information gets uploaded on to the PhoneSheriff account, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a working computer and an Internet connection.

Why choose PhoneSheriff over other similar software?

PhoneSheriff comes from people who created first such software for monitoring activities on iPhones, Windows Mobile and Android-based devices. They were the ones who set the global standard when it comes to such applications. Their programs have gained tremendous media attention from websites, magazines and radio stations throughout the world. Being a member of the Better Business Bureau of the North-Eastern Florida also holds them in good stead. They stand behind their product as well as their high level of customer service. Apart from that, anyone who invests in PhoneSheriff gets access to

– A highly secure control panel

– A high quality product from a US-based company founded in the year 2003

– Isn’t charged for any hidden SMS forwarding costs and

– Receives toll-free US-based telephone support

PhoneSheriff Features

Call monitoring – This feature helps in monitoring who all are calling your employee or child’s mobile phone. You’ll get to view their contact names, phone numbers and the date and time of all outgoing and incoming calls.

SMS monitoring – This feature enables you to view each and every SMS conversation that happens on the target device. Its latest multimedia messaging service captures all messages consisting of audio, video or photo files.

Anti-abduction – This feature when activated from the PhoneSheriff Control Panel enables you to trace the actual moving path of your employer your child on the Google map. It can also take a stealth picture from the target device’s camera and record its surroundings’ audio. You can instantly download these details and ascertain the exact position of the user.

Panic alert – This feature enables the target user to quickly get in touch with you via a panic alert SOS button located on the monitored device. As soon as this button is pressed, you’ll receive a panic alert with the target device’s exact GPS details.

Messenger logs – PhoneSheriff has the ability to record all the messages received and sent via popular messenger service applications like BBM, iMessage and WhatsApp.

Tracking of GPS location – Through this feature of PhoneSheriff, you can receive instant GPS tracking information of the target device at predefined time intervals. You can also set certain perimeters and receive instant notifications if the target device is taken beyond them.

Viewing of multimedia files – This PhoneSheriff feature will help you make a copy of each and every video and photograph on the target device and view them via the PhoneSheriff Control Panel.

Details of websites visited – The software will record all the URLs visited on the target device’s internet browser and upload them to the PhoneSheriff server. You can also restrict the target device’s access to adult websites and third-party internet browsers.

Tracking in real-time – One of the latest features of PhoneSheriff, this one helps in real-time GPS tracking of the target device. All you need to do is click the refresh location button on the Control Panel and receive the target device’s most recent GPS details.

Instant notifications and alerts – This particular PhoneSheriff feature will help you receive instant notifications and alerts via an email or SMS whenever your employee or kid uses profanity. You can even receive alerts whenever wrong SMS commands or an incorrect phone pin is tried repetitively.

Viewing calendar activities and contact details – All calendar activities and contact details from the target device get recorded and uploaded to the PhoneSheriff server for your viewing.

Application restrictions – This feature enables you to restrict the target phone’s access to certain applications that may be violent, adult or inappropriate for the target user.

Backup and restore – Using this PhoneSheriff feature, you can create a backup of the target device’s data or restore its factory settings remotely via the PhoneSheriff’s control panel.

Receiving phone logs on email – You can receive the target phone’s activity logs directly to your email address.

Viewing mobile data usage details – Using this feature, you can view the target device’s mobile data usage and every bit of its internet consumption related details.

Remote uninstallation – You can easily carry out the uninstallation of the PhoneSheriff software on the target device via its control panel.

Multiple device management – Effectively using this PhoneSheriff feature, you can monitor multiple platform devices and regularly record and view their activities.

Putting restrictions – Locking your employee’s or kid’s device at a particular time of the day or selectively restricting messaging, browsing and calling options is quite easy with PhoneSheriff.

How much does PhoneSheriff cost?

Unlike other similar applications, PhoneSheriff has pretty unique pricing plans. You can either opt to pay a one-time charge of $79s and obtain its lifetime license (no jail breaking required). Or you can choose from the following packages:

Parental control and monitoring packages for parents:

6 months license – $49

1-year license – $89

Employee control and monitoring package:

1-year license – $299

You can pay via all major credit cards and PayPal.

Where to buy PhoneSheriff?

To ensure that you benefit from all the features of PhoneSheriff, and at the best possible price, you must buy PhoneSheriff only from its official website.

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