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mspyWhat is mSpy?

mSpy is a cell phone spying software application which is downloaded and installed directly onto a compatible target tablet PC or a smart phone to track / monitor its activities. After it is installed successfully, mSpy is undetectable and immediately starts its job of recording the phone activity. Thereafter, these records get automatically uploaded to an online account. You can log into this account through any device connected to the internet and view all the activities recorded round-the-clock, throughout the year.

mSpy is extremely easy to install and setup. It works on all BlackBerrys, Windows based phones, Android devices, Symbian phones, iPhones as well as Android and iPad tablet PCs.

Some mSpy features I found really useful!

Cell phone spying software have evolved tremendously over the past few years. Earlier, all that such spyware could do was enable you to go through someone’s text messages by having them forwarded to your number. But the present-day technology has made it possible to benefit from several spying options such as:

This video shows its mSpy features.

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Call history – mSpy software will show you the complete log of all outgoing and incoming calls in a chronological order. You’ll be able to view exactly how many calls were made or received by the target phone, the numbers or names that the calls were received from or made to. It will also tell you the exact time of the calls and how long every call lasted.

Recording the surroundings – A very unique feature of the mSpy software that has got everyone excited is its ability to record the surroundings. What this feature does is that it helps you secretly listen to all that is going on in the target phone’s surroundings. You will never be left wondering what the target phone user is up to. With the help of this useful feature you’ll be able to secretly listen everything that is being said or talked about around the target phone.

It reads text messages – The software records all outgoing and incoming text messages every time they are sent and received. Hence, even if some text messages have been removed from the target phone, you will continue to have access to them. In addition, you’ll also be able to view the phone number to / from which the text messages have been sent / received, apart from the exact time. If a particular phone number has been given a name on the target phone, the software will pick up and show you that name too.

Location tracking through GPS – mSpy software will tell you the exact location of the target phone on the Google maps in real-time. If you are aware of Google maps, you would know how accurate it actually is!

Email reading – This particular feature of mSpy software enables the user to read both the outgoing as well as incoming emails on the target phone.

Effective monitoring of Internet activities – Using this feature of the mSpy software, you can find out all the websites that the target phone user is visiting. The software will list out all the URLs he / she visits.

Restricting incoming calls – mSpy software allows the user to restrict calls coming in from a particular number on the target phone. I found it to be an excellent tool to manage activities on children’s and employees’ phones.

Reading instant messages and chat records – mSpy software also records all the activities carried out on popular communication applications like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, iMessage and Viber.

Keylogger – This particular feature of mSpy software will help you capture the text typed in all the applications, chats, email correspondence and websites visited on the target smart phone. Effectively using this feature, you’ll be able to gather all the login details, messages, search phrases and other important data to help you understand what exactly the target user is up to. However, please note that this key logging feature is currently available only for the android devices.

Accessing address book and calendar – This spyware will give you a complete record of the target phone’s memory, including its calendar records and the entire address book with all the names.

Absolutely undetectable and invisible – The best part about the mSpy software is that it carries out each one of its job stealthily under the radar, without the target phone’s user ever getting to know about it. The target phone will never show any icons related to the mSpy software or any other indication of its installation or presence.

Viewing pictures and videos – Another one of my favorite features of the mSpy software, this enables the user to secretly retrieve and see the pictures and videos on the target phone.

Phone call recording – This cool software even facilitates remote recording of calls received by or made from the target phone. The entire recording can be either heard directly via the Control Panel or downloaded on to a personal computer.

However, please keep in mind that if the phone you are trying to track is an iPhone, it must be jail breaked to successfully install this application.


How to install and set up the mSpy software correctly?

In order to successfully install the mSpy software on the target mobile phone device, you’ll need to have it physically in your hands. This will be the only one time that you will require the device. Once the mSpy application has been downloaded and installed on it, all monitoring will happen remotely and the target user will never get to know that you’ve been spying on him / her.

With regard to monitoring, after making the payment for the software, open up the confirmation email, followed by clicking on the provided link. This link will lead you to the Control Panel of the mSpy software. Login to the mSpy’s Control Panel with pertinent details and follow the instructions provided.

Post the successful installation of software, it will start monitoring the target device immediately. You’ll be able to view all the user activity right from that moment onwards, by logging into the Control Panel. As all monitoring options can be manipulated remotely, you won’t have to worry about having the target device in the vicinity.

How does mSpy go about the recurring payments?

You can make your monthly payments easily via your Visa, MasterCard, American Express card, Discover, Novus, PayPal, Diners Club card, JCB, Fax or bank / wire transfer. That pretty much includes all forms of payment!

Is it absolutely necessary to have physical access to the target phone in order to install mSpy?

Yes, you will require physical possession of the target phone for at least one time in order to successfully download and install the mSpy software on it. The entire process won’t take more than 10 minutes. So, your job is done if you can somehow manage to obtain the target phone for 10 minutes.

Will there be any evidence of mSpy charges on the target phone’s bill?

No, the target phone’s bill will only provide information related to total data used. MSpy software’s name will not be mentioned anywhere on the target phone’s bill.

Is mSpy a real company? Do they have any customer support?

To tell you the truth, even I wasn’t sure when I bought the mSpy software. However, after using this great product and benefiting from its excellent customer service, I felt curious and wanted to know more! After carrying out some research I discovered that these people have their offices in both US and the UK.

There’s a live chat function available on their official website which I find amazing and extremely useful, especially whenever I get stuck with some feature. The response time is almost instant! Their technical support executives are available 24/7 via their toll-free hotline.

Testimonials from mspy users

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How much does mSpy cost?

MSpy software is available with different price plans. You can select from one, three, six or twelve months plan. As you can see in the pricing details below, the longer subscription you buy, the better price you’ll get. If you’re unsure about the plan, I recommend that you start with six months premium subscription.

Following are the pricing details of each one of these plans at the time of writing this review:

mspy price 563x254

Where to buy mSpy software from?

In order to ensure that you get the complete version of the software, you must buy mSpy only from its official website. This way you’ll get non-stop access to their Control Panel and services at the best possible price.

mSpy Review Conclusion

To conclude, I would like to state that having used the mSpy software personally and having gone over its features on a first-hand basis, I am highly impressed! Whatever may be your reason, be it tracking employees’ activities or your children’s movement, mSpy software has everything in it to deliver. I give it a big thumbs up!

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