Mobile Spy Review

What is Mobile Spy?

mobile-spyMobile Spy is a type of smart phone app that enables you to spy on another individual’s smart phone or tablet. So, if you are suspecting that your employee or your child is up to some mischief, this app will tell you the whole story! After this app is installed directly onto the target smart phone, it runs round the clock in stealth mode. There is no way that it can be detected by the target user.

The app can be installed within few minutes and once it’s there, it’ll keep sending you reports so that you can effectively monitor and track the goings-on on the target phone. What more, you can even get a live view of the target smart phone’s screen using any web browser. I’ll tell you more about the features of this software later in this article. Additionally, I’ll take you over what all it can do, how you can install it, how much it costs, how it works, its pros and cons, discounted price and more. But first, let’s start with:

Mobile Spy features that I found useful

Let me take you over some of the important Mobile Spy software features that I found quite useful.

Tracking of SMS text messages – This particular Mobile Spy features allows you to read all the text messages sent and received from/to the target cell phone in a secret manner. Each one of these messages get uploaded on to your account with Mobile Spy, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Viewing iMessages – Mobile Spy efficiently records all the iMessages from the phone that is being monitored.

Tracking of call logs – With this Mobile Spy feature, you’ll get to know who all are calling your target phone user and who all are being called by him/her. Apart from seeing the name associated with the phone numbers, you will also be able to view the timing of the call and how long each call lasted.

Viewing of URL history – This particular Mobile Spy feature will provide you with all the website addresses that your target phone user visited. This way, you’ll be able to figure out if he/she is wasting time on inappropriate sites are not.

Video and photo logging – Another important feature of Mobile Spy software, this one pulls out a copy of all the videos and photos stored on the target smart phone.

Viewing email records – Through this Mobile Spy feature, you’ll be able to read all the outgoing and incoming emails from the target phone’s primary email account.

YouTube videos monitoring – This Mobile Spy feature will assist you in easy monitoring of YouTube videos watched by the smart phone user. You’ll be provided with the links to all the videos watched by him / her.

Tracking of social networking logs – This feature of Mobile Spy software will record all the activity done by target phone user on Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Record of all the apps installed – This feature keeps track of all the applications installed on the target smart phone.

Blocking of applications – An excellent and highly useful feature especially when it comes to concerned parents, this one enables you to block the target phone user’s access to certain mobile apps.

Viewing of contact details – Each and every contact listed on the target device gets logged and all the new contacts added get recorded too.

Monitoring of calendar events – All the calendar events marked by the target phone user get logged, including the time, date and location is.

Remote uninstallation – A highly useful feature that becomes necessary once you are done monitoring a particular smart phone, this one enables remote uninstallation of the Mobile Spy app. All you need to do is log into your Mobile Spy Control Panel and follow the provided instructions to carry out remote uninstallation, resulting in stopping of logs recording.

Live control panel features of Mobile Spy software

Let me tell you at the outset that each one of these features are optional and Mobile Spy offers them in the form of inexpensive add-ons charged collectively at a nominal fee of $49.97 per year. Following is a list of features that you receive once you install this add on:

Recording surroundings – Through this feature, you can record the conversations happening in the target phone’s surroundings. Once recorded, these get instantly uploaded to the Mobile Spy Control Panel in MP3 format.

Stealth camera – Through this Live Control Panel feature you can trigger the target phone’s camera to click a picture that will be secretly sent to the Mobile Spy Control Panel. It can then be downloaded from there anytime you want.

Live view of the phones screen – This feature of Mobile Spy live Control Panel lets you have a real-time look at the target phone’s actual screen. The view is updated every 90 seconds. Using this feature effectively you can keep yourself updated about the happenings on the target smart phone in almost real-time.

Instant GPS location reporting – This one will help you instantly find the current GPS location of the target phone.

Retrieves information – This live Control Panel feature comes to rescue if the target device gets stolen or lost.

Email account delivery of logs – Via this Live Control Panel you can select your email account to be the primary delivery destination for all the recorded logs.

SMS commands – In the event that you are unable to log into Mobile Spy Control Panel, you can use this feature to send silent SMS commands for triggering GPS locate, lock, wipe data, SIM info and other features.

Are there any complimentary or bonus items?

Your purchase of Mobile Spy software will entitle you to an attractive bonus in the form of 1 year free of cost license to use Sniper Spy remote monitoring software. However, this bonus can be availed only when you buy 1 year license of Mobile Spy.

Sniper Spy is to your PC what Mobile Spy is to a smart phone. In a nutshell, Sniper Spy helps you monitor the activities on your personal computer while you are away. It helps parents and / or employers to keep a tab on the activities happening on their computers.

It comes loaded with extensive functions such as websites visited, social networking logs, screenshots, clipboard logs and more. All these can be accessed via Sniper Shot’s Control Panel.

How to install and use the Mobile Spy software?

The current version of Mobile Spy software (version 6.5) is fully compatible with BlackBerry phones, Android devices, Apple iPhone, Windows phones, Symbian phones and Apple iPad.

The installation process is pretty simple. To begin, you’ll need to buy the application license from the Mobile Spy website first. Thereafter, you’ll have to download and install the Mobile Spy application on the compatible target device which you want to monitor. This download will have to be done on the target device via the internet browser of the target device.

Application installation doesn’t take more than a few seconds and it doesn’t leave any trace of it on the phone. Once installed, Mobile Spy will continue running in Stealth mode, completely under the radar.

Now, you can login to your account on Mobile Spy website and start viewing all the recorded activity.

Mobile Spy Pros

  • Comprehensive money back guarantee
  • The software is 100% untraceable and undetectable
  • It can be easily downloaded and installed quickly on the target phone
  • All future updates are provided free of cost as long as you continue to be an active subscriber
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Free of cost Sniper Spy software for PC monitoring when you buy a 12 months’ license

Mobile Spy Cons

  • Although Mobile Spy software is available for non-rooted as well as rooted devices, the version for the latter offers some unique spying features like WhatsApp and Facebook monitoring.

How much does Mobile Spy cost?

Unlike mSpy where you also have the option of a monthly purchase, Mobile Spy has three different buying options as follows:

mobile spy price

Apart from the above mentioned licenses, you can subscribe to the optional Live Control Panel add on at an yearly cost of $49.97.

Where to buy Mobile Spy software?

To make sure that you get to enjoy the complete version of the application, you should buy Mobile Spy software only from its official website. By doing so, you can also avail their discount offer and free of cost bonuses. Please note, Mobile Spy software is currently not available in any of the off-line stores.

Mobile Spy Review Conclusion

Upon carrying out thorough internet research I discovered that majority of people who buy Mobile Spy software use it for monitoring their children or employees’ activities. The pricing structure looks attractive and the features are all that one would require and expect in a professional spying software. I have no hesitation in recommending it to all the readers.

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