Highster Mobile Review

What is Highster Mobile?

highstermobileHighster Mobile is a type of remote cellphone tracking and spying software, having the ability to secretly track and spy on almost any cellphone, in the easiest and quickest manner. It can record all calls, view call logs, do GPS tracking, read emails, secretly activate microphone, read text messages, spy on IM activities, view videos, view pictures and carry out many more useful remote cellphone spying activities.

The program is used actively by parents and employers throughout the world to keep an active check on their children and employees’ activities.

How Highster Mobile works?

In order to start spying on a remote cellphone through Highster Mobile software, you need to first have the remote cellphone in your possession for at least a few minutes. Once it’s with you, you can either quickly download the Highster Mobile application through the target phone’s browser, or transfer this app to it via Bluetooth connection or USB cable. Once downloaded / transferred, the application needs to be run to be installed. Thereafter, it’ll keep operating under the radar, in stealth mode on the target phone.

Highster Mobile Features

Apart from all the popular cell phone spying features, Highster Mobile has certain very unique functions that easily set it apart from other similar products and make it the most preferred choice of parents and employees all over. Some of the Highster Mobile features are as follows:

Call recording – This Highster Mobile feature will record each and every phone call made by or made to the target phone in the form of an audio file. Other relevant information such as the call date, duration, caller name etc. will also get copied.

SMS text messages – Every text message on the target cell phone will get copied. You can access full content of the message, its date and time and the sender’s / receiver’s phone number and name.

GPS location – You can also keep a tab on the current GPS location of the target phone. It can be uploaded to the Highster Mobile server at predefined time intervals.

Live control panel – Highster Mobile features a live control panel that allows you to access all details related to target phone in real-time.

Record surroundings – This can be initiated through the live control panel and is meant to initiate secret audio recording on the target phone to hear the conversations happening in its surroundings. Please note, this feature is currently available only for iPhones and android devices.

Stealth camera – Available only for Android devices and iPhones, through this feature the target phone’s camera can be initiated secretly to take a picture of its surroundings. It is also accessible via the live control panel.

Call logs – All phone numbers related to outgoing and incoming calls get logged into a file along with the exact time and duration of the calls. You’ll also get to know the contact names of the people called or spoken to.

Websites log – The Highster Mobile application will also generate a record of the website URLs visited by the target phone user. This way you’ll get to know what he / she is actually up to.

Video and photos log – Every video and photo taken by the target phone will get recorded and uploaded to the Highster Mobile server, for you to view it later.

Social networking logs – These logs consist of recorded activity from Instagram, weChat, WhatsApp, LineChat, Twitter and Facebook. Simply put, all social networking activities carried on the target phone will get recorded and saved for you.

iMessage recording – Each and every iMessage activity happening on the target Android device or iPhone will also get recorded.

Email logs – Every outgoing and incoming email via the primary email account of the target phone will get recorded and uploaded to the Highster Mobile server.

Contact details – As soon as the Highster Mobile app is installed on the target phone, its complete address book with all related contact details get uploaded to the server.

Remote uninstallation – This particular Highster Mobile feature enables you to uninstall the Highster Mobile application on target phone remotely, through the admin dashboard. The entire process happens very smoothly without giving even the slightest of hint to the target user.

Which all devices is Highster Mobile compatible with?

With Highster Mobile software, you can spy on activities carried on all Android devices, including the ones manufactured by: Motorola, Samsung, LG, Pantech, HTC, Huawei and all others. It is also compatible with all Apple devices such as iPod, iPad and iPhones. You can visit the Highster Mobile’s official website to go through a complete list of the compatible devices.

How much does Highster Mobile cost?

Unlike other similar mobile phone spying software in the marketplace, Highster Mobile comes in the form of a one-time purchase. All it costs is $69.99. You won’t have to pay any monthly fees and there are no hidden costs or additional charges involved. However, please keep in mind that you can spy on only one mobile phone or device with its purchase. To be able to spy on more devices, you’ll have to buy additional licenses. Visit the official Highster Mobile website to learn about the extra costs involved.

Is there any refund policy?

All purchases of Highster Mobile software come with a comprehensive refund policy lasting 10 days, from the date of purchase. In case you feel dissatisfied with the software, you are free to send in a refund request within 10 days.

Where to buy Highster Mobile software?

You must buy Highster Mobile software only and only from its official website. Never try downloading its free of cost fake versions as they never work. Such fake versions can cause serious damage to the target phone and even reveal your identity. Buying the software from official website will also ensure that you can benefit from their refund policy in case you don’t feel satisfied with the product.

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