What is Mobile Spying?

Mobile spying is becoming more common with the developments occur in the technology but mostly in the smart phone industry. Also there is another important fact; the nature of the human being and the curiosity. When we need to briefly explain what is mobile spying, if we have to tell it with our own words, it is checking the target phone without the information of the holder’s of that target phone. As this can be with many simple ways, there is also some software which is programmed for these purposes. Whether it is ethic or not, since we may not know the reason of it, there is truth that this mobile industry has a great share in the market.What is Mobile Spying?

Many people use these kinds of programs even none of them prefers to declare that they are using them. Actually when someone tells the word “spying” immediately all poor connotations comes into our minds, this is a sociological trend in every community as it is always hard to break the taboos. As we mentioned before, we briefly tried to explain what is mobile spying in our essay. We hope that this will at least change the spying concept in your mind a little bit.

Why are Some People against the use of Mobile Phone Spying Software? Are their Reasons Justified?

The whole world, especially the suspecting bosses and parents are going all gung ho about the new age mobile phone spying software. To tell you the truth, not everyone is loving them! People who are being spied upon with such software feel offended as their privacy is being breached. Nevertheless, the technology is being highly praised by the parents throughout the world, as it helps them in effective tracking of their kids’ activities. Kids, on the other hand, are feeling the pressure of getting monitored 24/7. As if a sword is hanging on their heads all the time!

People against the use of such cellphone tracking software didn’t waste much time and came up with a brand-new conspiracy theory. They reasoned that it is the government which is behind the creation of such applications so that it can further enslave the general populace. What I fail to understand is that if the government really wanted to spy on you, they could have done it with far more ease than waiting for someone to install a software on your phone. They could have hired the best hackers on the planet to infiltrate your mobile phones and tracked your every move. But the bigger question is, are they really interested in doing it?!

Many business organizations are believed to be taking advantage of such mobile phone tracking software. Some people are of the opinion that several mobile phones come preloaded with such tracking applications to help big business enterprises create a hidden database. These databases keep track of all your daily activities, where you go, where you walk, where you shop, where you eat, where you stay etc.

All this information in turn helps them in making strategic business decisions to sell their products better. Considering the fact that people tend to believe all sorts of weird theories, there’s not much you can expect.

One thing you must keep in mind is that such rumors only affect a small majority of population. Unless you have some really serious problems with the mobile phone tracking system, there are no reasons to start believing such phoney conspiracy theories. You’d be better off doing more productive things in life!

What Makes a Smartphone Monitoring Software Good?

What Makes a Smartphone Monitoring Software GoodWhen it comes to selection of the best smartphone monitoring software for your needs, you need to look at certain important points to get the most value for your money. These points are as follows:

Installation process

Check out the installation process of the smartphone monitoring software and understand their difficulty levels. Unless and until you properly install the software onto the target device and / or your computer, you will never be able to get it to work. Some installations will be comparatively easier than the others. Go through the official websites of the monitoring software and learn about their installation processes. Also visit the relevant forums to interact with other users who have already been using these software.


Probably the most important and the biggest factor when you’re looking for an efficient smartphone monitoring software, compatibility, is a must for the phone you’re trying to spy on. Unless and until that phone is compatible with the software in question, you are never going to make it work. Please also note that not every smartphone monitoring software will be compatible with your target device. Make sure that you go through the list of compatible devices (normally on the official website) before purchasing the software.

Available features

Different smartphone monitoring software will have different features targeting the users with different needs. While some will have more features than the others, the users must first pen down their own unique requirements and then match them with what a particular software has to offer. It may be that you don’t need more than 2 or 3 features, and if they are being provided by a software that isn’t too popular with the masses, it may be a better idea to still go ahead with it. Why spend extra on features you may never use.

Customer support

Any credible and reputable smartphone monitoring software company will have an efficient customer support team to assist the users with their queries. Such support is provided either through live chat, telephone or email. Turnaround time is quite important when we talk about such support services.

Top 5 Reasons for Spying on a Mobile Phone

Spying Mobile PhoneThere could be many reasons behind your decision of investing in a mobile phone spying software. However, before we get to those, please keep in mind that you will require the physical possession of the target phone to install any such software on it. Any advertisement that proclaims you can install such software remotely is nothing more than a scam.

My study and research has revealed that some of the most common excuses for spying on other people’s cell phones are the following:

  1. You may be worried that your kid is perhaps being preyed upon by some child molester.
  2. It could be out of suspicion that one of the employees at your workplace is regularly giving away trade secrets to competitors.
  3. You may want to find out if the person you love has been cheating on you.
  4. You may simply want to be able to locate your mobile phone through GPS tracking in case you misplace it somewhere.
  5. Or you may just be plain curious about the things people say behind your back.

If any of the above-mentioned reasons is applicable to you, then installation of a mobile phone spying software on a target mobile phone may be a good idea. But I’d like to mention again that you will need access to that person’s phone to install such application. Following are a few of the many things that you can monitor through such software:

–        Incoming and outgoing emails

–        Incoming and outgoing text messages

–        Tracking of location via GPS

–        Hearing the surroundings in real-time

–        Clicking pictures on the target device in stealth mode

–        Listening to the ongoing conversation on the target phone and many more

Every bit of information that gets monitored will normally get uploaded to your service provider’s server, and will be accessible through an account allocated to you. This means, even if some information gets erased from the target device, you may continue to access to it.

Social Networking Websites – How they Affect Your Kids?

Should parents spy on their children's emails and textsTeenagers are prone to sometimes unknowingly befriending people who are actually online predators. They are also exposed to objectionable content, which they even share with others. All this is a part of negative impact that social media has on kids’ lives. There is nothing denying the fact that social media has completely changed the way adults, teenagers and young kids socialize and connect to each other. However, we can’t completely ignore its possible dangerous impact on children’s lives. Young kids and teenagers get exposed to many dangers like anxiety, privacy issues, narcissism, sexual predators, depression, security issues, trolls, cyber bullying and more.

US authorities keep uncovering online child pornography networks every now and then, having members all over the world. Recently, one such network with 27,000 members world over and more than 2000 explicit videos and pictures of young kids and teens, was uncovered. Not too long ago, an Internet-based child pornography ring was caught in Australia which used to dupe 14 to 17 yearold young teenagers by serving them pre-recorded interactions in a manner that they would perceive them to be actual young females. Teenagers all over the globe are increasingly becoming the victims of child pornography and sexual exploitation via the social networking websites.

Going by the past incidences, it is evident that parents are usually oblivious of their children’s mobile phone and online activities. As many as 67% American teenagers own a mobile phone, which means that they have the ability to go online, check email, use IM messengers and download applications without their parents’ consent. It is high time that parents understand the threats and dangers associated with uncontrolled online access. They should educate and counsel their kids about Internet safety.

Parents can also make effective use of some reliable and under the cover mobile phone spying software to actively monitor their kids’ smart phone activities, as well as their whereabouts. Using such software they can learn who their kids are talking to, which all websites their kids are visiting, what type of text messages they are receiving/sending, which all websites they are visiting, what type of videos and photos they have stored on their phones and more. Visit our homepage to learn more about such mobile phone spying software and how you can use them effectively.

IPhone Monitoring Without the Need of Jail Breaking

IPhone JailBreakingSmartphones, especially iPhones exist in the lives of a large majority of teenagers today. As teenagers grow, their social lives also take a leap forward, with texting and social media interactions being the primary mode of communication. Texting in particular has become an integral part of all teenagers’ lives and fills up a significant communication void they normally experience.

Despite the fact that the increased popularity of texting has got teenagers into trouble every now and then, parents must also learn about new tools and technologies to keep the teenagers in check. This leads us to the parents’ search for some effective and reliable iPhone monitoring software. There are plenty available in the marketplace, having loads of features enabling parents to learn exactly what their kids are doing on their iPhones. But it can get difficult to select the right one. We’ve carried out reviews of top mobile phone spying software and you can go through them by visiting our website.

IPhone monitoring software are also not difficult to install. In fact, even non-technology savvy parents can install them quite easily. Still, several parents shy away from using such software for the fear that they may screw up the installation, resulting in their kids getting to know about the monitoring. Furthermore, they feel quite apprehensive about terms such as jailbreaking which are quite relevant when it comes to iPhone monitoring.

Parents often ask questions such as, “Is it possible for me to monitor my kid’s iPhone without the need of jailbreaking it?” All these parents should feel delighted to know that now it is possible to monitor iPhones without jailbreaking them. There are some special iPhone monitoring software (such as PhoneSheriff) available in the marketplace that make this possible.

IPhone Monitoring Without the Need of Jail Breaking
In most cases, such software don’t send any logs to a web server. The logs are directly sent to the parents and they don’t need to login to any Control Panel to access them. All that parents are required to do is download a simple application to their Windows-based computer and they’ll be all set to monitor their kids’ iPhones from there. As the application runs on desktop, you won’t have to install anything on to your kids iPhone too.

How to Get Around the Problem of Smartphone Abuse by Kids?

Tips Child Phone SafetyWith smart phones rapidly becoming the primary mode of communication with young kids and teens, effective parenting and smart phones are bound to work together as a team nowadays.A large majority of American teenagers, as many as 80% of them use cellphones given by their parents to keep in touch. However, the same parents who give them these phones are often found complaining that their kids’ mobile devices are turning into a major problem instead. Although there are many reasons to believe this, majority of these problems originate from excessive use and constant abuse of the smart phone privileges.

More and more teenagers are reportedly exposing themselves in the online world today. They’re taking all sorts of explicit videos and pictures of themselves and putting them up for their friends to see. Regular sharing of explicit text messages is also nothing new. Psychology experts specializing in Internet use claim that people are more inclined to do or say things in the online world that they’d never normally do or say in the real life. A survey has revealed that around 25% of teenagers behave more aggressively when on internet.

Parental control and smart phone monitoring software enables parents to not just monitor the phone activities of their kids, but also helps them in preventing negative phone behavior. Such software runs in the background, without the kids ever getting to know about its’ presence, and silently monitors the phone’s activities. Few of the smart phone activities parents can monitor are: videos/photos taken, websites visited, text messages sent/received, call logs, GPS locations and much more. Parents can monitor their kids’ phones from remote locations using any Internet enabled device.

So, if you are worried that your teen may be abusing his/her smart phone privileges and are constantly asking him / her questions such as: “What are you doing?”, “Where are you?”, “Who are you speaking with?” etc., mobile phone spying software will provide you all the answers. Go through our comprehensive mobile phone spying software reviews and find out which one’s best for you.

How to Effectively Use a Mobile Phone Spying Software to Your Advantage?

mobile phone spying programsIf you’re really keen on buying a mobile phone spying software, you must first figure out what is it exactly that you need. There are hundreds of software available in the marketplace, but for you to ensure that you buy the best one that meets your needs, and fulfils each one of your goals, you’ll have to carry out some research.

Study the application features

Go through and test the applications’ features. Majority of cell phone spying software are 100% detection-proof and enable the user to monitor or track the target device’s activities from any location in the world.

Certain spying software have the ability of call interception, through which you can listen to the live phone calls on the target device. Other kinds do only basic level spying such as SMS logging. Then there is environment listening feature in some, which helps you to call the target device and listen to the conversations happening in its environment in real-time. You can even send secret messages to the monitored device, in order to manipulate its functions.

In a nutshell, you must go through all the features and determine whether they are too much or too few for your requirements. Software compatibility with your target phone is another aspect you must never overlook.

Usage instructions

After downloading the software from the vendor’s website, you need to make certain adjustments to the settings. Go through the instructions that come with the order confirmation and follow the exact sequence of steps to login to the online interface. Set your preferences regarding the type of Internet connection to be used for uploading the logs from the target phone. You can select the exact activities you want to monitor.There are certain spying software that will allow you to monitor the target device activities even when it is switched off.

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