And things have got to change

Sex attack victim says court delays prevented her recovery

canada goose outlet paypal Gary Nathan. Photo: Norfolk Police canada goose outlet paypal

Former Reepham High School pupil Michelle Brown, 26, who has bravely waived her right to anonymity, was the victim of a horrific sex canada goose clearance sale attack in which she canada goose coats was tied to her bed and “subjected the most terrible, extreme sexual abuse”.

Gary Nathan, 52, of Pottergate, Norwich, admitted false imprisonment, three counts of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent, two sexual assaults and a robbery.

Nathan was ordered to serve a canada goose black friday sale minimum of 10 years in prison before he can be considered for parole when he was sentenced in November last year.

But that was more than 500 days after the offences occurred in May 2017, and Miss Brown said her life was put on hold due to the “ridiculous” delays.

The case had initially been listed for trial on November 15, 2017, but was pulled from the list due to problems between prison and the court.

It was relisted for December 1, 2017 before a new trial date of December 13, 2017 was set.

canada goose outlet online store review However the case was further delayed due to the illness of a judge. canada goose outlet online store review

canada goose outlet store vancouver A new trial date was set for May 5, 2018, before pleas were entered and a sentencing hearing listed for July 6, 2018. canada goose outlet store vancouver

canada goose outlet new york However the case was pulled from the list again as reports cheap Canada Goose were still being sought Canada Goose Jackets from probation. canada goose cheap canada goose outlet new york

The sentencing was relisted for October 17, 2018, but was adjourned once more as the judge wanted a more detailed report from probation.

canada goose outlet los angeles That meant sentencing did not cheap canada goose uk take place until November last year. canada goose outlet los angeles

The court received a letter from Miss Brown’s GP in November last year to stress the impact the delays were having on her mental health.

The letter stated: “These canada goose delays are causing considerable additional distress for Michelle, Canada Goose Parka and I would be grateful if the court could take this into account and ensure that any further delays are avoided.”

In her victim impact statement, which she read out in court before Nathan was sentenced, she said she had endured a “year and a half of pain waiting for justice”.

canada goose black friday sale She said: “The delays in the court process have delayed my recovery”. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose shop new york city Speaking now about the delays, Miss Brown, who said she could not start the process of getting better until the case was over, said: “I found the court system significantly lacking and incompetent. canada goose shop new york city

“I was advised that the reasons for delays included either waiting for reports from probation or reports that were unacceptable. And the delays lasted months.

“I find this disgusting that I, as a victim of a serious offence, was the one constantly let down and caused further distress because of the flaws in our system and incompetent staff unable to complete their work effectively and on time.”

She has taken the issue to canada goose store Norwich South MP Clive Lewis as she does not Canada Goose Outlet want others to suffer as she has.

She said: “We need uk canada goose outlet to change this, so many assaults and rapes go unreported and of the few who report even less have gone to court. It is not victim focused. And things have got to change. ”

A Ministry Canada Goose sale of Justice spokesperson said: “Our deepest sympathies are with Miss Brown we understand how difficult the court process can be for victims and know delays can make this worse.

“We do everything we can to ensure cases are dealt with as quickly as possible but some delays are unavoidable, for example if new evidence is put forward or if new, separate charges are brought against the same defendant.

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