Smart Phones Keep the Logs of Locations

Smart Phones Keep the Logs of LocationsWe all know that our smart phones are keeping the logs of the places we visit, i.e. they are location aware. Technology also advanced in many areas such as locations and you do not need to use any application to keep these logs, your phone keeps them for you if they have an internet connection although you do not use it in an active manner. So, you may wonder why we are telling this secret (actually known but not aware of) feature to you.

Your kids may be in trouble or having bad habit tendencies during their adolescence which is quite typical for their age and as the technology develops and also mankind started to lose their conscience as the years past; it is more likely that your children will be in a bad situation which you may not desire for their future. The two main smart phone manufacturer the Apple and Samsung (also most of the companies that uses Android) keeping these locations logs in their databases for any emergency situation which they may reveal it in any investigation conducted by law forces and so on.

Why you should follow the complex procedures when you think that you kid is in trouble? Another option is to use some mobile spy software which you will install it to your kid’s smart phone that will allow you to check his or her location via your own personal smart phone. They are all legal and also have more features which you can utilize for the safety of your children.

Use Parental Control Systems in Favor of You

Use Parental Control Systems in Favor of YouWe all may accept that technology made our life much easier however once again we all may accept that it has many disadvantages such as loosing the ethic values while we are on the web. If you were around fifteen to twenty years old range it would be highly possible that even you would make some mistakes which you will regret in the future. But now, you are a parent and you first mission is to guard you children in against these kind of issues to promise a bright future for your kids.

In this issue, the parental control systems are available for you which can help you and make the “controlling thing” easy on your kids. With these parental control system you will be able to block or limit the time spent on web, check the text messages of your children to see what they are talking and whom they are talking with and also have the ability to see the reasons why they are using some specific applications.

These parental control systems work quite silently and you kid has no chance to understand that his or her smart phone is being watched by you or family members. It is possible to check the upcoming messages simultaneously and you can even check the text even your kids will delete it from their smart phone before you realize that they received a message. It is really easy to use these programs which means that you do not need to be hand in glove with technology.


The Less Common Attributes of iOS 8

The Less Common Attributes of iOS 8Apple Company has long since been referred to as the company that gave smart phones the reputation they have today. With the improvements brought forth with the iPhone, Apple Company made itself the pioneer of smart phone technology. With the arrival of Android however, things started to waver for Apple. Google’s os provided its users with additional option to customize their devices to their demands, with access to almost every set up a smart phone could have. Apple Company has been trying to develop on certain things since after that, and with each update it creates something more for the users. The brand new release by Apple is iOS 8, with a variety of new features like much better photo editing and a keyboard set with predictive text input.

But you can find some other features that may get shadowed behind these noticeable improvements, and some of those features might just provide rest to the notion that Apple settings its operating system very much. The iPhone has always been recognized to have better than regular photographic capabilities but some individuals have always wanted to have a qualification of manual control over how their pictures turn out. iOS 8 offers them with the ability to set the publicity of their camera manually, to brighten or even darken the photo as they please. Android shows the percentage of battery pack that is consumed by certain applications, something that Apple users constantly envied. With the latest update, they are able to finally see which of their apps are using the most battery, based on the information collected over a day or even a week. This will help them restrict or remove certain apps which they find harmful for their battery.

Mobile Phone Programs are not safe for the Workplace

Mobile-phone-appsIn which the majority of the people in this entire world use technology for their daily jobs, companies and organizations have always thrived to them. But when it relates to employees wanting to bring their very own devices to the office due to the degree of reliance we have on smart phones and other gadgets, it will be becoming difficult for companies to maintain a clear line between private and professional. Yet a number of organizations have embraced BYOD, or even Bring Your Own Product, systems after adding some security precautions like the use of spy applications to keep an eye on their workers. But with a recent statement by market researcher Gartner, new dangers have been identified with this particular policy.

Apps without Business Acceptable Security In the statement, Gartner states that by 2015 most smart phone applications won’t have security protocols which make them safe to be utilized in a corporate environment. Downloading these apps will put delicate data at risk although violating enterprise security standards as well. The Need to Upgrade Mobile App Security Tests. If your organization possesses resorted to BYOD policies, and then it is time for you to update and improve the security testing, especially with regards to mobile apps. Most companies are ignorant of the threats a mobile application can bring with it. This consciousness needs to be spread among these businesses so they can develop their own security strategies rather than relying on application developers who don’t really matter themselves with application security just as much as its functionality.

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