Prior to starting this website and reviewing all types of mobile phone spying software available in the marketplace, we did consider all the pros and cons associated with this industry. We are of the strong belief that mobile phone spying software can play a very healthy role in our society and deliver manypositive outcomes, far outweighing their negative aspects.

To tell you a bit more about what we actually do, we enable our customers to get an objective and detailed view of all the high-tech mobile phone spying software presently available in the marketplace. Our team spends a great amount of time learning about each one of these applications, so that we can give our readers unbiased views on all these programs, through our articles.

Let’s cut to the chase! Following are our Top 10 Mobile Phone Spying Programs:

mspy Mspy is without a doubt one of the most popular spying software in the market. There are several reasons that are driving its popularity.First, it is quite simple to use. Secondly, it features state of the art apps. Third, it is regularly updated hence giving the latest updates on the person being tracked. Some features of the phone include call logs and recordings, restriction on incoming calls, track GPS location, read emails, monitor use of internet, intercept instant messages, monitor calendar and much more.
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flexispy Flexispy has been around for quite a while. The software comes in two options: Flexispy OMNI and Flexispy Lite. The OMNI is the more versatile of the two and comes with a wider range of user options. Some of its features include access to text messages, emails as well as stored multimedia files. It also gives you access to stored contact address. You may also track a person’s whereabouts using the GPS function despite the target phone having no internet connectivity. In addition, you may also listen to an ongoing conversation discretely.
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spyera 250x250 Spyera comes with a wide range of features. As a matter of fact, it is among the apps that offer a user a wide range of user-friendly options. Some characteristics of the spying software include location tracking, listening to the surroundings of the phone, dialing the target phone, listening on a conversation undetected, and accessing any kind of data such as emails, text messages, mms, messenger chat, or contact address. The ability to read Blackberry BBM messages makes the software standout from its competitors.
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PhoneSheriff Phone Sheriff will work with iPhone, Blackberry, Android, ipad, Windows Mobile 6x, Android Tablets, Symbian 9x OS and many others. Some notable features of the phone include Sms tracking, Call history logging, GPS tracking, web history monitoring, ability to access multimedia accessories in the target phone, capability of blocking websites as well as apps. One of the main advantages of the app is the possibility of saving data as CSV, XSL or PDF format and displaying the information in various chart types.
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highstermobile Highster mobile is also causing quite a stir in the spyware field. One of its most notable benefits is its quick installation. Usually, a user will have installed the app within two minutes. This is crucial considering that you may have limited time accessing a phone. In addition, it offers several options of installation. You may choose to type an address on the browser of the target phone. Scanning the apps QR code is also another option. Alternatively, you may use Blue tooth or USB cable to transfer from a computer to the phone.

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Mobistealth is among the most high-tech apps. Its features include location tracking, call recording, monitoring the phone directory, monitoring browser history and much more. You may also specify certain numbers on the control panel. You will get an alert whenever the listed numbers are contacted. The “Spy Call” feature allows you to listen to live conversation without detection. In case, you are far, the software automatically starts recording hence you will use the playback feature to listen to the recorded conversation.

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mobile-spy Mobile Spy is among the oldest cell phone spyware in the market. It also boasts of many features that make spying easy and convenient. The app is suitable for Blackberry, Android, Symbian Operating System, iPhone, and Windows Mobile. Features of the App include live control panel, logging text messages including deleted ones, call retrieval, monitors URL, and Gps tracking. Mobile Spy is quite popular with parents looking to keep an eye on their children’s activities.visit websiteread review now
spybubble SpyBubble is famed for being compatible with many types of mobile phones. It will work in both old as well as new cell phones. The software is simple to install and offers continuous updates. It supports Windows and the iPad; however, it has issues with Mac OS. Features of the cell phone spyware include Sms, e-mail and call tracking, location tracking via GPS, call recording, capturing sounds in the environment, viewing stored photos, keeping a record of browsing history, accessing multimedia files and contacts and more. The spyware is also ranked among the cheapest apps in the market..

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Above, is a table that takes you through all the mobile phone spying programs reviewed by us. These products are already being used by a large amount of customers throughout the world.

Our team at keeps receiving updates from software developers as well as and consumers regarding various companies specializing in mobile phone spying software. Although the idea of mobile phone monitoring is nothing new, it has undergone tremendous technological developments and has been boosted with various new-age features with the passage of time. It is only natural that as the mobile communication industry evolves with more and more new technologies, the mobile phone spying software industry also has to keep pace.

Different people may have different purposes for using such software. Nevertheless, what is most important is that you adhere to the local laws applicable in your region and avoid suppressing anyone’s right to privacy. Please keep in mind that inefficient or inappropriate use of such software can result in legal liabilities.

Following are some of the popular reasons why people are increasingly using mobile device monitoring software nowadays:

  • Spouses are using them increasingly to keep a tab on their partners, so as to ensure that their family life stays out of danger.
  • Employers are using mobile phone spying software to keep a check on their employees’ activities, for prevention of fraud and sabotage.
  • Parents use such software on a regular basis to protect their children from antisocial elements and activities like bullying, sexual harassment etc.
  • People are also using such software in general to be extra careful when it comes to the loyalty of their friends and close ones.

To tell you the truth, we’re not here to issue any kind of warning or for advertisement of any product. Our only role is to find out the best products in the mobile phone spying software marketplace and spread awareness about them. The reason and purpose you may use such software for, is completely your responsibility.

Mobile phone spying market is overflowing with all sorts of products, and it can get quite difficult to find a decent one. We firmly believe that our mobile phone spying software reviews can be of great use for people who don’t have the time to study this market comprehensively.

Moreover, even if you put in that sort of effort, you’re most likely to get drawn into inferior quality software, which are marketed very professionally through psychologically influencing advertising campaigns. But if you still want to go ahead and visit thousands of websites and perform hundreds of tests (that is what we at do every single day!), we’re no one to stop you!

However, if you’re someone who doesn’t like reinventing the wheel and would want to make his/her life easier by trusting professionals who can describe right and wrong in simple language, without allowing their personal opinions to come in between, is the website you need!

Here, on this website, we’ve provided you with top 10 mobile phone spying programs, based on our comprehensive research and studies. We also make sure that all this information is kept up-to-date and valid.

Our top 10 ratings have been given based on the following important considerations and many more:

  • Capability of a software to correctly login and report information from different types of applications. The software should be able to effectively track the phone calls while also spying on messages and multimedia files in varying formats.
  • Capability of a software to correctly trackthe present location of a device using GPS.
  • Capability of a mobile phone spying software to effectively block websites which are not wanted.
  • The price and quality correlation of all the applications.
  • The overall quality with respect to customer support and technical help provided by the software developers and marketers. ensures that the reviews you receive are of the products which are in maximum demand and of top notch quality. Although some of the rated products may seem to be inferior in comparison to other ones reviewed, please keep in mind that they are much better than thousands of others available in the marketplace. It’s a big achievement for their developers to have come out on top in the top 10! We’d also like to mention that we’ve got nothing to do with the producers of these software and each one of our reviews are based on objective and honest information.

The Mechanics behind Our Reviews

Our website’s review team comprises of several independent and professional mobile phone technology experts. They regularly gather and analyze important information related to cellphone tracking software, as they’re launched or are updated in the marketplace. We have also got technical experts who constantly test all these software and submit reports about their findings. There’s another team which focuses on gathering opinions from all sorts of web resources including forums, blogs etc. All this information is then collated and evaluated. The results are again physically tested to further confirm the validity of the evaluation results.

The top 10 mobile phone spying programs that you see listed above were selected exactly based on the above-mentioned procedure, and with special considerations of operating systems’ compatibility, price affordability, ease of installation, customer service quality, key functions, website usability and overall evaluation obtained from real users.

All these top-rated mobile phone spying programs are regularly re-evaluated based on the latest rundown obtained from our team of experts. Please also note that this list may keep changing from time to time, and hence you are advised to keep returning to this page to learn about the most recent developments.