In terms of regions, 85% of visitors to Seoul came from East

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uk canada goose Regarding the home countries of visitors, canada goose outlet legit among visitors to Seoul in 2016, China had the greatest number of travelers, 8,067,722, accounting for 48% of visitor arrivals to Seoul in 2015, followed by Japan with 2,297,893 visitors (13.3% of total visitor arrivals), the United States canada goose outlet washington dc of America with 866,186 visitors (5% of total visitor arrivals), Taiwan with 833,465 visitors (4.8% of total visitor arrivals), and Hong Kong with 650,676 visitors (3.8% of total visitor arrivals) ( Seoul Statistical Tables, 2017). In terms of regions, 85% of visitors to Seoul came from East Asia and the Pacific region; 6.5% came from Americas; and 5.5% came from Europe; the rest are from other parts of the world. As for genders of visitors, Seoul seems to be more popular with females who made up for more than 53% of total visitors. uk canada goose

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