I have an mITX and the controller is plugged into my AIO fan

RK: It means so much to us, that shield and the spears. They’ve been taken 246 years ago and my people never ever forgot about those artifacts being taken off them. My ancestors used to do ceremonies with their artifacts their spirits are in those artifacts.

Tina has no idea. She was so happy with her performance and she sure she nailed it. She did well, about as well as the other candidates, but this guy is out and out in a different league. I literally felt I had to do it because my brain literally felt like there was something going on when I got super stressed out or super embarrased and the only way to elevate what felt like some sort of constant brain twitch or body trembles was. Yea. I been to therapy and it helped a lot..

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Edit based on your reply to another comment: Here is just one of dozens of comparison videos of the original DVD releases of the show vs. The remasters. It done out of necessity because he the qualified replacement to command the ship in the interim.

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